Large diameter brushes

Our brushes


Large diameter side brushes designed in segments.

The assembly of large diameter brushes can be a problem for the users : weight, handling, storage...

To solve these problems, SOVB has developed a simple and fast system enabling assembly by one person.

The system :

  • A brush top, directly adjustable on the sweeper hydraulic motor plate
  • A brush made of 4 segments in plastic, allowing quick assembly and fixing

Types of bristle (depending on the end use of the broom) : flat steel, super polyamide (SP), polyester (PET), nylon (NYL), polypropylene (PPL) and all combinations of these materials.

The benefits :

  • Time saving
  • Space saving (packaging in boxes)
  • Ease and speed of assembly and disassembly (by one person)
  • Lifetime greater than a wooden disk
  • Brush fully recyclable

Our brushes for road sweepers are fully recyclable.